About us

“Kings restaurant provides a unique opportunity for a memorable visit for excellent
food and comfort.”

Indian and continental cuisines prepared to their perfection by highly professional chefs will compel each mind to make their visits more frequent. Bar with its multiple brands and served with smiling faces will further enhance its grace.

Fitted with proper equipment, the premises will be cool in summer and cosy in winter, thus making the stay very comfortable. An adequate number of LCDs will entertain the guests. A courtyard surrounded with exotic plants imparts another distinctive feature.

The elegantly setup environment prides in its ability to host over 200 guests at any given time for an event.

Being conveniently situated in the hub of the corporate offices and a highly residential location, it is ideally suitable for both corporate as well as family functions.

Routine lunches, coffee breakers and many other events such as birthdays, farewells & conferences are other opportunities, where the guests will experience the touch of Kings.

The location adequately provides hassle free parking around the vicinity to a sizeable number of vehicles.

If the expectation is for an experience that is exceptional, it will no doubt not disappoint its patrons overall.

‘Kings’ in line with its tradition promises to take its guests through a journey from the initial greeting & welcome, through the dining experience. It most certainly promises the everlasting memories that will, over time, speak for itself about the experience at Kings.